2017, a New Year – Make it a Great Start

With the new year just begun, everyone is talking about their resolutions. For those of us who are very disciplined, I think it is a great idea. Set a goal for the year and work toward it. Resolve to stick with it.

Based on my experience (and lack of self-discipline at times), I find I’m more successful when I look at my choices this time of year and decide on which ones I like best. For example, my attitude – I can choose to start the new year off with a “poor me” or “I’m mad at the world” outlook, or lean on God and adopt an “anything with Him is possible” attitude.

Same with finances: I can hang my head and hide because I’m in debt or can’t afford to pay my bills, or turn to God in search of help. There is no hole so big that God can’t pull us up and out into the light – his light, which can guide us to better choices.

If you need help, I want you to know that Reach Out Pregnancy Center is here for you – for pregnancy testing, parenting skills, material items. We rely on God to provide us volunteers and materials to share with you in your time of need.

I pray in the new year that you find and make good choices for a great start to 2017!


Client Services Director